Focus and Scope



This journal has a deep concern on issues of general education study and the study of Islamic education. We are so pleased to invite scientists, scholars, researchers, as well as professionals in the field of education to publish their manuscripts in our journal. The Journal Edupedia: Studi Pendidikan dan Pedagogi Islam also publishes superb quality theoretical and empirical research including all constructions of Islamic education or universal education.


the following scopes are courtesy of Journal Edupedia: Studi Pendidikan dan Pedagogi Islam, included:

  1. Islamic education studies
  2. Theoretical and practical’s study of Islamic education
  3. Development of instrument in evaluation of islamic education
  4. Development of instructional Islamic education media
  5. Islamic education learning model development,
  6. Philosophy of Islamic education
  7. Islamic education policy
  8. Pesantren education
  9. Curriculum of Islamic education