Focus and Scope

Oksitosin : Jurnal Ilmiah Kebidanana midwifery journal, is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for educators, Health workers/profesionals, scholars, students, and policy makers to address the current topics dealing with  The focus of scientific disciplines  about Midwifery. Oksitosin : Jurnal Ilmiah Kebidanan publishes original academic articles that deal with issues of relevance in midwifery theory, methodology, and practice. 

This journal encompasses original research articles, review articles, including:

  • Clinical midwifery
  • Community midwifery
  • Maternal and child health
  • Maternal and child nutrition
  • Adolescent health & nutrition
  • Health promotion
  • Health and midwifery services
  • Health information systems
  • Maternal and child health program
  • Maternal and child health policiy
  • Woman Health throughout the life cycle