Peer Review Process

Lahjah Arabiyah: Jurnal Bahasa Arab dan Pendidikan Bahasa Arab is a periodical produced by Universitas Ibrahimy Situbondo's Fakultas Tarbiyah. All research publications submitted to this online journal will go through a single peer review procedure. Following the journal's peer-review procedure, accepted research submissions will be made available online (for free download). The Editor will make the ultimate decision on article approval based on the Reviewer's remarks. is used to identify plagiarism in articles published in this publication. This journal is written in Indonesian and English.

The Lahjah Arabiyah journal undergoes peer review in seven steps: (1) Paper Submission, (2) Editorial Office Assessment, (3) Invitation to Reviewers, (4) Response to Invitations, (5) Review is Conducted, (6) The Decision, and (7) Final Steps.