Publication Ethics

Ethical publication is a norm that must be obeyed by all writers who wish to publish their scientific work in media publications. The basic norms in publications are: moral priority, scientific integrity, and honesty of the author. It means:

1. Morality: able to distinguish between good and bad behavior in writing.
2. Scientific Integrity: making rules, natural truths, and scientific not to sacrifice themselves for anything.
3. Honest: What the writer does must be the same as the real objective conditions and not to do research or an indecent writing process.

Ethical norms that must be held by writers who wish to publish their scientific research on Samakia: Journal of Fisheries Sciences is:

1. Authors must uphold scientific behavior, understand the risks and benefits of their publications
2. Articles do not contain proper, such as: fabrication (fabricated), forgery, plagiarism or auto-plagiarism, Samakia has the right not to publish.
3. The author must attach quotes fairly in all statements, ideas, which are not the results of the author's research.
4. Published articles relevant to the Samakia field of study are science and technology in the field of fisheries.
5. All authors mentioned in published articles are truly competent and have contributed significantly.
6. Authors are prohibited from publishing multiple (submission of multiple texts) will publish to journals or other publications simultaneously (simultaneous).
7. Some or all articles published by Samakia have never been published in any other publication without the author's permission.
8. Articles that can be published as a result of original research, ideas, or thoughts of the author.