Konseling At-Tawazun : Jurnal Kajian Bimbingan dan Konseling Islam 2024-02-13T10:21:03+00:00 M. Syakur Open Journal Systems <p>At-Tawazun Counseling journal published on January and July, and used Indonesia and English. This journal is a publication media for researchers, practitioners, academices, and intellectuals, and the results of their writing are contributed to Islamic and counseling.</p> IDENTIFIKASI NILAI KONSELING DALAM BUDAYA BAU NYALE DI PULAU LOMBOK 2024-02-13T10:19:21+00:00 Husniati Mohamat Hadori Wawan Juandi <p>Indonesia is a country that has a diversity of tribes and cultures spread across the islands, <br>one of which is the Sasak tribe on the island of Lombok. The aim of this research is to iden<br>tify the value of counseling in the bau nyale culture on the island of Lombok. This research <br>uses qualitative research methods with an ethnographic type of research. The research results <br>show that the counseling values contained in the bau nyale culture are being a person who is <br>patient, sacrificial, willing to sacrifice, fair, wise and has a high social spirit.</p> 2024-01-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Husniati, Mohamat Hadori, Wawan Juandi KORELASI KEMATANGAN EMOSI DENGAN PENGAMBILAN KEPUTUSAN KARIER PADA SISWA KELAS XII MAN 1 JEMBER 2024-02-13T10:19:32+00:00 Nailatul Husna As’ad Moh. Hafid <p>Career decision making is a thinking process in selecting and determining various exis<br>ting career options. This research aims to determine the relationship between emotional ma<br>turity and career decision making in class XII students at MAN 1 Jember. This research is <br>quantitative research with a correlation type of research. Based on the research results, there <br>is a weak relationship between emotional maturity and career decision making in class XII <br>students at MAN 1 Jember with a positive direction. This is proven by using the Product Mo<br>ment correlation test with a sig=765 value of more than 0.05. And a value of 0.30 indicates <br>a low correlation coefficient because it is in the range of 0.25-0.40. So, the higher the emoti<br>onal maturity of class XII MAN 1 Jember students, the higher the career decision making of <br>class XII MAN 1 Jember students.</p> 2024-01-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Nailatul Husna, As’ad, Moh. Hafid HUBUNGAN ORIENTASI TUJUAN DENGAN MOTIVASI BELAJAR SANTRI DI PONDOK PESANTREN SALAFIYAH SYAFI’IYAH 2024-02-13T10:19:49+00:00 M.Syakur Nuraini <p>Career decision making is a thinking process in selecting and determining various exis<br>tingIslamic boarding schools are places where students gain and practice knowledge. Being <br>in an Islamic boarding school requires students to have motivation to learn. One of the fac<br>tors related to motivation is having a goal orientation. The aim of this research is to statistica<br>lly test the relationship between goal orientation and students’ learning motivation in Islamic <br>boarding schools. This research uses quantitative research methods with a correlation rese<br>arch type. The results of this research show that the level of goal orientation of students is in <br>the high category as many as 49 students (56%), and as many as 38 students (44%) are in the <br>medium category. The results of the level of student motivation to learn were in the high ca<br>tegory as many as 58 students (67%) and as many as 29 students (33%) were in the medium <br>category. The results of the product moment analysis show that there is a positive and very <br>significant relationship between goal orientation and learning motivation as shown by the Pe<br>arson correlation results of (r) = 0.424 with sig (p) = 0.000 (p&lt;0.05). The results of the analy<br>sis test show that the higher the level of goal orientation, the higher the learning motivation.</p> 2024-01-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 M.Syakur, Nuraini EKSPLORASI NILAI-NILAI KONSELING DALAM PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL GOBAK SODOR DI KABUPATEN BONDOWOSO 2024-02-13T10:20:08+00:00 Mohamad Fadil Samsul Arifin Abd. Mughni <p>The gobak sodor game is a game played in groups, where the group of guards tries to <br>block the attacking group when they want to pass through the game squares. The traditional <br>game Gobak Sodor contains many positive values. The aim of this research is to explore the <br>counseling values contained in the traditional game gobak sodor in Bondowoso Regency. This <br>research uses qualitative research methods with an ethnographic type of research. From the <br>research results, there are counseling values in the traditional game of gobak sodor in Bon<br>dowoso Regency, namely: spirituality, kinship, honesty, cooperation, strategy setting, lea<br>dership, social care, physical and mental health.</p> 2024-01-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Mohamad Fadil, Samsul Arifin, Abd. Mughni HUBUNGAN INTENSITAS MELAKSANAKAN SHALAT TAHAJUD DENGAN STRES MAHASISWA DALAM MENGHADAPI UJIAN KOMPETENSI KEPESANTRENAN DI UNIVERSITAS IBRAHIMY 2024-02-13T10:21:03+00:00 Saifullah Siti Hidayatus Sholehah <p>Stress is a condition caused by a person perceiving himself differently between physi<br>cal and psychological demands. The aim of this research is to empirically test the relations<br>hip between the intensity of performing the tahajjud prayer and student stress in facing the <br>Islamic boarding school competency exam at Ibrahimy University, Situbondo. The research <br>method used is a quantitative research method with a correlation research type. In the rese<br>arch results, the guidelines for the degree of relationship show results with a Pearson value <br>of 0.414. and a significant value of 0.025. So it can be concluded that the more intensively a <br>person performs the tahajjud prayer, the lower the level of stress experienced. Likewise, the <br>lower a person performs the Tahajjud prayer, the higher the level of stress he experiences.</p> 2024-01-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Saifullah, Siti Hidayatus Sholehah