• Faiz Zainuddin
Keywords: legal formulation, characteristics, problems of society


Jurisprudence is a legal formulation in which photographing the behavior
of someone who in this case is a Muslim. The existence of fiqh here is not
a stagnant law but very flexible or flexible, given the needs and behavior
of the community and social problems in reality continue to experience
very rapid development. So from this jurisprudence is needed to
participate in discussing activities that did not occur at the time of the
Prophet, therefore with the characteristics of fiqh that is flexible and
universal can answer all problems in the community. Of course it still
comes from the Koran and Hadith. This research uses explanatory
research by applying a qualitative approach. While the analysis of
research results used is content analysis. The results of this study, fiqh
has special characteristics so that it can be used as a foothold or
paradigm when formulating formal laws, including: perfect, elastic,
systematic, universal and tabbudi and taaqquli.

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