JUMMY : Jurnal Multidisiplin Ibrahimy

Journal Name : JUMMY : Jurnal Multidisiplin Ibrahimy
OAI Address : https://journal.ibrahimy.ac.id/index.php/Jummy/oai
Frequency : 2 issue per year (February and August)
ISSN : XXXX-XXXX Print / XXXX-XXXX Electronik
DOI Prefix : 10.35316/jummy
Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Asmuki, S.Pd.I., M.HI., M.Pd.
Publisher : LP2M Universitas Ibrahimy

JUMMY : Jurnal Multidisiplin Ibrahimy is a national open access journal with a journal focus on scientific research, scientific studies, and peer-reviewed scientific articles.

The scope of this journal includes: Education; Mathematics and Mathematics Education; Language and Language Education; Health Sciences; Philosophy and Religion; Economics and Accounting; Science and Technology; Business and management; Social and Humanities; and Social science.


Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (203): JUMMY - Agustus
JUMMY : Jurnal Multidisiplin Ibrahimy
Published: 2023-08-15


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