1. The text is the result of a research or literature review in Indonesian, a text that has not been or has not been in the process of publication, original and new.
2. Written in Indonesian standard, A4 paper size.
3. Manuscripts sent to the editor in the form of Indonesian must be accompanied by abstracts and keywords in English.
4. Abstraction writes a general description of the contents of the text with provisions of no more than 350 words and typed in spaces 1 (one).
5. Abstract background containing problems, solutions offered, objectives, methods used, experimental results, analysis of test results, and conclusions.
6. The title text is brief and informative.
7. The minimum reference used is  5 years writing articles, except limited discussion.
8. Writing content is not the responsibility of the editor and editor has the right to make changes and improve the grammar of each script that is loaded.
9. Use one of the tools for reference management, e.g. Microsoft Word, Zotero, Mendeley reference management features.
10. Manuscripts are sent through this OJS.
11. Each writer is required to download the List template as a reference to the script that will be published by Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika.