Call for Papers | 2023


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(Free of publication charge only for the result of collaboration manuscript with an Author(s) outside Indonesia)

The Alifmatika Journal is a National journal that is heading towards an International Journal for Researchers, Students, Teachers, and Lecturers.

The Focus of this journal contains writings that are taken from the results of the research, and the results of deep (conceptual) thinking in the field of Mathematics Education and Mathematics Learning.

The Scope of this journal includes:
(1) Educational studies,
(2) Ethnomathematics,
(3) Mathematics Abilities,
(4) Mathematical thinking,
(5) Developmental Research,
(6) Assessment and Evaluation,
(7) Pedagogical content knowledge,
(8) Theory and practice studies,
(9) Mathematical integration studies, and
(10) Realistic Mathematics Education (RME).

The following are the upcoming publishing schedules that are still open for submission:

(1) Vol 5. No. 1, Publish in June 2023 (#Closed)

(2) Vol 5. No. 2, Publish in December 2023 (#Closed)

Alifmatika: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Matematika
(Alifmatika: Journal of Mathematics Education and Learning)




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Mohammad Tohir